Slow Art Day—Brady Willmott

Slow art day


by Brady Willmott, 2019
Look Closely
  • Look carefully for 30 seconds at every detail of this artwork. Now close your eyes.

  • Name everything that you saw.

  • How about three items that are not typically found in the ocean?

  • What did you notice about the sky?

  • How would you describe the mood or feeling of this artwork? What makes you say that?

Activity—Reset The Scene
  1. Click here to be inspired by the fabulous DIY creations from the Getty Museum community and then be challenged to recreate this artwork with objects (and people) in your own home.
  2. No extra materials required—just find whatever is lying around to make your own reproduction.
  3. Share your final work on social media using #slowartdayOMA and tag @oceansidemuseum. You can click here to email it to OMA

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by Juan Flores, 2018


Woman and the Violin

by Doriana Sinnett, 2019


Red Ribbon

by Cathy Locke, 2018


The Little Prince

by Mercedes, 1996


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