Museum Policy


Effective Date: November 21, 2023

Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA) strives to be a welcoming and safe space for all.
OMA's mission is to bring people together to celebrate the art and artists of Southern
California. We champion the best of creative talent in our region by showcasing art in a
non-traditional environment that promotes equity and accessibility.

The physical and emotional safety of OMA members, visitors, volunteers, staff, and
artwork is our top priority.

When visiting the museum we request that you adhere to museum guidelines outlined


Bullying, harassment, destructive behavior, and violence are not welcome in the
museum. OMA’s leadership investigates any and all allegations and trains staff to
promote positive communication so that all in attendance and in communication with the
museum via phone, email and social media can have an enjoyable and rewarding

Positive communication will always be the first resort to resolve an issue. However, in
the case of willful or intoxicated actions that result in emotional or physical damage to
people or property, OMA reserves the right to remove any person(s) from the premises
and may be permanently excused for the remainder of the program, workshop, lecture,
event, or general open or closed hours of operation for both onsite and offsite activities.
This covers behavior onsite as well as via phone, email, and on social media.
No refund will be given as a result of removal for bullying, harassment, or
violence, or damage to any persons or artwork. For more on cancellations and
refunds please view our Cancellations and Refund Policy.


Visitors are not permitted to touch the artwork unless the work is specifically labeled as
interactive. Personal photography is allowed in the galleries, without flash, unless
otherwise stated on artwork label. We ask visitors to not photograph staff or other
visitors without their consent. Professional photography of the galleries needs to be
arranged ahead of time with museum staff. No wet media, including paint, pens or
markers are allowed. Visitors who may want to draw in the galleries are permitted to use
pencil unless agreed upon ahead of time by museum staff.


Animals are not allowed unless they are acting as registered service animals with proof
of registration and proper physical identification (i.e. service animal vest). This includes
but is not limited to: pets in strollers, carry-on bags, wagons, and/or being carried by
someone, etc. Please note that emotional support animals are not registered service


To protect and enhance indoor air quality, contribute to the health and well-being of all,
and for the protection of all art media types OMA shall be entirely smoke-free and vape
free. Smoking and vaping are prohibited in all areas of the museum without exception.
This includes galleries, auditoriums, classrooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms,
private offices, elevators, hallways, stairs, restrooms, storage areas, loading docks,
outdoor terraces, and all other locations that are part of Oceanside Museum of Art.


Food and beverages are not allowed inside the galleries at all times. All foods and
beverages must be consumed before entering the galleries or disposed of. Glass bottles
are not permitted anywhere onsite. Alcohol provided by OMA is served with valid
identification only. If foods and beverages are left with Visitor Services staff at the Front
Desk, staff is not responsible for any items.


Skateboards, bikes, rollerblades, scooters, or any other kind of recreational wheels are
not permitted on any part of the museum’s premises. Bikes and other recreational
wheels must be set outside of the building and may be locked on the bike rack on Pier
View Way. Baby strollers are allowed onsite and must be supervised by the
owner/parent/guardian at all times.

OMA does not have lockers or any indoor safekeeping areas for any personal items. All
objects larger than a personal bag are not permitted. If any personal items are left with
Visitor Services staff at the Front Desk (i.e. bike helmets, water bottles, bags, etc), OMA
staff is not liable for damage, loss or theft.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to Oceanside Museum of Art. For questions or
additional information email


704 Pier View Way
Oceanside CA 92054


(760) 435-3720


click here to email OMA

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