Slow Art Day—Cathy Locke

Slow art day

Red Ribbon

by Cathy Locke, 2018
Look Closely
  • What details grab your attention when you first look at this artwork?

  • How does the artist create a sense of movement?

  • Describe the dancer’s personality—strong, graceful, somber, or what do you think?

  • What genre of music or maybe a particular song do you hear when you look at this artwork?

Activity—Daily Flow
  1. Think of five activities that you repeat each day while at home.
  2. Link those activities together in a series of tableaux (frozen pictures) using your body or in sketch form using paper and art supplies (comic book style) moving from image one through five.
  3. Capture your daily flow of activities as a series of five images using your camera or as a single video.
  4. Share your final work on social media using #slowartdayOMA and tag @oceansidemuseum. You can click here to email it to OMA

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Two Cardiffs Nocturne

by Juan Flores, 2018


Woman and the Violin

by Doriana Sinnett, 2019


Hold Fast

by Brady Willmott, 2019


The Little Prince

by Mercedes, 1996


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