Slow Art Day—Doriana Sinnett

Slow art day

Woman And The Violin

by Doriana Sinnett, 2019
Look Closely
  • What feeling does this artwork evoke?
  • What makes your say that?
  • Think of three words that describe the piece.
Activity—Playlist With A Purpose
  1. Think of a song of hope or reflection that would be the soundtrack to this artwork.
  2.  Play the song on YouTube or Spotify. How does your experience looking at the artwork change with the addition of music?
  3. How does your relationship with this particular song change when looking at Woman and the Violin?
  4.  Click here to send the artist name and song title to be added to the evolving Art That Connects playlist on Spotify:
  5. Don’t forget to get up and dance to the music. It’s Slow Art Day! 

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