By the Sea


April 25–June 1, 2003

Curated by Michael Gross

Oceanside Museum of Art will unveil its first photography exhibition. “By the Sea offers the chance to witness the beauty, mystery and magic of the sea through the eyes of fine-art photographers, who - like many of us - live, work, play, and often obtain their inspirations from the water," states exhibition curator, Michael Gross. "Emerging from the foam and developing into a society, the profound relationship between man and the sea that was once confined to food and commerce has become spiritual, recreational, and commercial." By the Sea showcases the photography of Joel Meyerowitz, Lee Peterson and a collection on loan from the San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts that explores life by the sea.

Joel Meyerowitz' internationally famous color images capture the unique beauty of that point where the sea meets the sky. Norman Mailer describes Meyerowitz' work as "an ongoing quest for the instant when nature can reveal itself through mood, light, mist, or the endless vortices of water in its dialogue with sand."

Lee Peterson explores life, light, and ingenious abstractions beneath the surface rarely photographed in black and white. As Lee sees it, "The textures and shapes are plentiful and the contrast and range of light can't be found on dry land."

The Museum of Photographic Arts has provided images from their permanent collection. "From Coney Island to Muscle Beach, from Atlantic City to Santa Monica, this group reflects the work of photographers from both coasts (focusing on San Diego)," says Gross, "all of whom include the particular attitude and lifestyle of those of us who prefer - no, need - to be at water's edge."

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