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Former OMA executive director Daniel Foster answers, "How did OMA create a show that ultimately travelled to Italy?"

Cynda Valle

All that Glitters, 2014

Oil on linen

From the exhibition California Dreaming: An International Portrait of Southern California, juried by Daniel Foster, Peter Frank, and Drew Oberjuerge, 2014

From the collection of Dori and Ron Goldman

This portrait is one of the 48 pieces featured in California Dreaming: An International Portrait of Southern California, a three-part international traveling juried exhibition that went to Palazzo della Provincia de Frosinone, Frosinone, Italy, Oceanside Museum of Art, and Riverside Art Museum, Riverside. Juried by former OMA Executive Director Daniel Foster, art critic Peter Frank and Riverside Art Museum Director Drew Oberjuerge, and coordinated by Kay Colvin and Julia Fister, this exhibition explored the lifestyle, influences, and environs of Southern California’s iconic culture.

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