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Guest curator Mark-Elliott Lugo answers, "What inspired Faiya Fredman to create these mystical works?"

Faiya Fredman

Untitled, from the Botanical/Goddess Series, 2017

Pigment print

From the exhibition The Steel Goddess: Works by Faiya Fredman, curated by Mark-Elliott Lugo, 1998-2018, 2018

From the collection of Sara F. Stewart

Hidden within this image of withering leaves and flowers is a goddess figure designed by Faiya Fredman (1925-2020) that shows her interest in creating mythological symbols that reference ancient civilizations. Another subject explored in her work is the cycles of life and nature. According to Fredman “I want people to look at life as a process we all go through. The buds symbolize birth, then there’s the flowering and withering. I’m showing that withering can be just as beautiful as the buds.” This is one of the many prints created with a flatbed scanner that was featured in her solo exhThe Steel Goddess: Works by Faiya Fredman, 1998-2018 ibition (2018), curated by Mark-Elliott Lugo.

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