Kenneth Capps: Dichotomy


March 22–July 6, 2014

In Gleason Gallery

Dichotomy traces Kenneth Capps' extraordinary body of work from the early 1970s ink on paper and steel cut-out drawings which suggest three dimensional space to his more recent work that physically releases the line into sculptural form. Within both his 2D and 3D works Capps engages shapes, distorting, bending and angling each in every which way to demonstrate the multitude of means in which one can discuss a singular form or idea. The sphere and square take center stage; either object or the distortions of said object are to be found in any work viewed within the show. This exhibition weaves together a strong conversation between Capps' drawings and their relationship to his sculptural language featuring works that share a common bond of dichotomies; rectilinear/curvilinear, convex/concave, open/closed, positive/negative, stable/unstable.

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