Jean Wells: Icons of Desire


February 14–June 15, 2014

In Singh Family Gallery

Third generation artist Jean Wells is known for her large-scale, eye dazzling sculptures strongly influenced by iconic popular culture imagery and brand name products. This exhibition features almost 70 pieces that address consumerist culture in a highly accessible manner, yet hints at a more tongue-in-cheek or serious ideology and intent. Working in a, similar oeuvre like artists Andy Warhol, Wayne Thiebaud, and Jeff Koons, Wells explores our growing nostalgia and relationship with everyday Americana subject matter such as ice cream, candy, food and drink, toys, graphic design and themes related to beauty and body image. Whether it's a 15-foot tall sculpture of an F-16 Fighter Jet or Wells' most recently completed Smart Car Taxi sculpture, audiences of all ages will enjoy this exhibition and Wells' playful sense of humor.

Companion book: Jean Wells, Good Humor

Jean Wells, Pearl
Jean Wells, Don't Lose Your Marbles
Jean Wells, Fish Bowl

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