Neon Nature

Neon Nature

June 29–August 22, 1999

Curated by David Svenson

The exhibition, Neon Nature, features five artists who grew up with the black light and coldfire colors of the supernatural sixties: Brian Coleman, Candice Gawne, Kunio Ohashi, Jan Sanchez and David Svenson. In the years since, they have discovered an electrical balance in the natural world that surrounds them.

Each artist represents a unique approach that deals with this relationship. One might juxtapose natural found objects with bold blocks of saturated primary color, fabricate the dazzling beauty of an underwater environment or simply use the physical principles of combining gas, glass and electrical current to compose a natural flowing line of light and color. As artists we have in common the desire to bring this medium of great beauty back to its origins and for the viewer to see this light with a different eye.

Supported by The Simpson Family Fund of the San Diego Foundation, Tom Skarvada (Tech 2000).

Catalog: NeonNature

Brian Coleman, Untitled.
Brian Coleman.
Jan Sanchez.
David Svenson.

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