Ethan Chan: Selections from the Closets of the People That I Love…

ethan chan: selections from the closets of the people that i love...

january 14–april 30, 2023

This exhibition continues an ongoing series of wearable sculptures constructed from various sauce packets collected from fast food chains, gas stations, and high school cafeterias. The current series of sauce-suits were modeled after outfits taken from the closets of close friends of the artist, hand-picked by both the artist and each friend. The outfits were then worn by each of the artist’s friends, who each performed mundane tasks in their own homes while wearing them, which was documented through photography. Evolving from an older series of self-portrait costumes tailored to specifically fit the artist, this new line of work investigates the roles of community and relationships in self-portraiture, while also drawing on the connection between consumerist culture and how we craft our individuality and personas through apparel and material.

Ethan Chan: Selections from the Closets of the People That I Love, installed at Oceanside Museum of Art

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If you would like to learn more about the artwork, including if the artist has work available to purchase, please email

Artwork pictured at the top of the page: Ethan Chan, Wild, West (Jordan at Udall St.) (detail),  2022. Performance. Photography by Lile Kvantaliani.

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