Art Auction 2020 Preview Exhibition

Art Auction 2020 Preview exhibition

NEW DATES  March 7–June 28, 2020

Art Auction gallery entrance

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As a preview for the Art Auction on March 28, this pop-up exhibition presents artwork that is lively—sometimes edgy, sometimes traditional, frequently unexpected—but never ordinary. This will be a rare opportunity to collect artworks from prominent Southern California artists. Pricing will be approachable for collectors at any level. The preview exhibition will offer a rich and welcoming experience for those new to art, longtime museum-goers, artists, art students, or simply the curious. Click here to learn more about the Art Auction and to buy tickets.

The Artists

Works by these artists will be on display in the preview exhibition and up for bid at the Art Auction on March 28, 2020.

Dan Adams
David Adey
Alanna Airitam
Andrew Alcasid
Dean Andrews
Antonios Aspromourgos
Charlotte Bird
Sara Botts
Neil Brooks
Dan Camp
Janell Cannon
Sandra Chanis
Taylor Chapin
Deron Cohen
Christopher Conroe
Carol Cottone
Lisa Curry
Einar and Jamex de la Torre
Morgan DeLuna
Ellen Dieter

Alexandra Dillon
Steve Eilenberg
Juan Flores
Matt Forderer
Marco Franchina
Janine Free
Jennifer Georgescu
Angela Gonzalez
Michael Gross
Becky Guttin
Elaine Harvey
James Hubbell
Adriene Hughes
Kevin Inman
Beliz Iristay
Angela Jackson
Kate Joiner
Kirby Kendrick
Brian Kesinger
Debby and Larry Kline
J. J. L’Heureux
Kurt Lightfoot

John Linthurst
Trinh Mai
Rafael Mareyna-Fallo
Dan McStocker
Beata Edyta Mierzwa
Yevgeniya Mikhailik
David Milton
Maidy Morhous
Allan Morrow
Rebecca Nebert
Annalise Neil
Marjorie Nodelman
George Papciak
Marcos Ramírez ERRE
Becky Robbins
Colin Roberts
Bridget Rountree
Barbara Runge
Deanne Sabek
Mike Sakasegawa
Brooke Sauer

Gail Schneider
Madeleine Sherry
Ving Simpson
Lyndelle Stonick
Robert Stratton
Michael Summers
Soo Sung
Cheryl Tall
Marie Tartar
Pasha Turley
Larry Vogel
Ruth Wallen
Michael Ward
Rebecca Webb
Brady Wilmott

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