Some Assembly Required: A Re-Collection of Community


July 11, 2015–January 3, 2016

Curated By David Fobes and Mark Siprut
In Groves Gallery North

A collaboration between artists David Fobes and Mark Siprut, the unique, immersive, interactive, multimedia environment of Some Assembly Required is made up of a visual collection of photographs and video solicited from citizens, cultural institutions, artists, and citizens of Oceanside and Southern California. The project culls imagery and narratives provided by community members, artists, local businesses, and institutions of the Oceanside region, to provide a rich and unexpected collage of personal and community history. The collection, assembly, editing, and choreography of images becomes a playful production projected onto large screens in a dark gallery. Visitors control timing and presentation of imagery by pushing buttons within the gallery, creating their own personal visual experience.

This exhibition is made possible with funding through an SDSU Art Council Faculty Grant.

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