Cruisin’ Califas: The Art of Lowriding


May 13–September 30, 2012

Curated by Carlos C. de Baca, David C. de Baca
In Singh Family Gallery

The personalized automobiles known as “Lowriders,” are part of a subculture whose aesthetic tendencies cross over into the world of fine art. Lowrider describes a car that is typically customized with a hydraulic setup to be low to the ground, with an elaborate paint job, striking chrome features, and uniquely designed upholstery. But this term reaches beyond cars, and has become a cultural phenomenon and way of life for many people. Today Lowrider culture can be seen not only in cars and motorcycles, but also in sculptures, photography and paintings as a way for people to express their individuality and cultural pride.

The title of the exhibition, Cruisin’ Califas, refers to Lowrider culture in California and the favorite pastime of the Lowrider – cruising! This exhibition will feature a display of several full-size cars and two motorcycles that have been created in the Lowrider style. Accompanying the vehicles will be paintings and sculptures made by the vehicle designers and owners and other prominent artists influenced by Lowrider. Featured artists include Victor Cordero, Eddie Galindo, Rick Alvarez, David Avalos, Magu, Teen Angel and Salvador Gonzalez.

Brochure: Cruisin' Califas: The Art of Lowriding

El Moises, La Catrina y Su Vida Loca, 2012, acrylic on wood
Gilbert "Magu" Lugan, Our Family Car (1986), 2006
Teen Angel, Familia, ca. early 1980s, paint on paper
Walt Prey, Gypsy Rose 1964 Impala

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