Carolyn Guild: Affirmations of Spirit


February 5–April 3, 2011

In Groves Auditorium

Environmentalist, photographer and adventurer Carolyn Guild captures the majesty of nature in her black and white landscape photographs. Affirmations of Spirit features over 30 images of desert, mountain and ocean environments that reveal the spiritual side of nature. Inspired by renowned photographers Minor White and Ansel Adams Guild takes a purist approach to her photography primarily interested in nature with little or no human presence.

Carolyn Guild’s landscape photography provides glimpses of nature in its purest sense, using light to see into darkness. Many times using long exposures to move on beyond the realistic, and into a world that explores, and exposes the unseen. Using her camera to transform the natural world over time, allowing glimpses into a poetic place, where water becomes vaporous, stars leave their trails in the sky and clouds resemble the Northern Lights. The results often have a surrealistic, evocative feel that is magnified by her use of black and white, and shades of gray. She travels extensively to capture her transfixing black and white photographs. It is her hope that her photography will spark an interest in protecting our natural world.

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