Benjamin Lavender: Roots


January 29–May 1, 2011

In Lobby

Benjamin Lavender’s art reflects his lifelong fascination with the growth and erosion of nature. His signature style involves shaping metal and industrial objects into organic forms reminiscent of plant life. In his latest series, Roots, currently on view in the Oceanside Museum of Art Lobby, he takes his inspiration from below ground, with three sculptures constructed primarily out of metal straps (from reclaimed whiskey and wine barrels) that have been cut, shaped, and twisted into the shapes of various types of roots.

According to Lavender “Abstract Naturism is an appropriate way to describe my work, as well as industrially-organic. Both define the outcome of mimicking nature through intense hours of manipulating metal, concrete, paint, and found or reclaimed objects into organically formed art.”

Benjamin Lavender, Fibrous
Benjamin Lavender, Tap

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