Levi J Casias: Revealing the Divine


October 23, 2008–January 22, 2009

Curated by Teri Sowell
In Parker Gallery

Oceanside artist Levi J. Casias presents a selection of his recent work, Revealing the Divine. For the last few years Levi has been investigating the concept of mysticism in a religious manner. The death of Pope John Paul II caused him to feel a divide between his religious childhood upbringing and his current secular life. He became intrigued by the idea of creating a body of work that delved into religious experience for content. Casias believes that mysticism cannot be rationalized by the intellect, but can only be understood by personal experience, bridging a link between art and spirituality. The other major investigation in his artwork is the numinous. It describes the sense of the divine as opposed to a literal description of it. His work pushes the boundaries of rationalism into the realm of irrationalism. The minimalist style allows him to best describe a variety of religious and spiritual experiences that are indescribable. His intuitive works of art are organic and corporeal eliciting a physical and emotional response.

Materials and processes play a crucial role in the development of Levi’s art work. He uses industrial materials and methods to create contemporary art work.

Levi Casias, My Blood Boils My Skin Creeps
Levi Casias, Our Salvation is your Fascination

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