Neil Kendricks: Temple of Story

neil kendricks: temple of story

october 9, 2021–february 20, 2022

We need stories now more than ever.

Future generations will ultimately understand our unprecedented times of pandemic, crazed demagogues, and failed insurrections through the art and stories that come out of this period in history. Artists, writers, playwrights, and filmmakers will construct funhouse-mirror reflections capturing the loss, chaos, and bewilderment, along with the courage, innovation and resilience of human beings finding their way through the confusion of the early 21st century.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I wrote 'flash fiction' (short, quickly written stories) to wrap my mind and heart around the days and nights of contagion, quarantine, and masks in a private vigil for better tomorrows. This became an interdisciplinary art project leading to the drawings and animations which make up the Temple of Story exhibition.

Temple of Story offers a fascinating exploration into my story creation process with a fusion of images and text. In this exhibition, viewers will take a stroll through a forest of fables with drawings on the walls to illuminate their path. Graphic narratives erupting with bursts of magical realism will be integrated with audio elements, allowing them to discover an intimacy with an unseen storyteller. 

I encourage visitors to dream inside a visual labyrinth of prose and pictures.  As they peer deeply into a private, cracked crystal ball of fantasy and speculative fiction, perhaps they will be inspired by the storyteller’s eternal questions: “What if?” and “What happens next?” ”

—Artist Neil Kendricks

Neil Kendricks, MLK Takes a Knee, 2021. Mixed media on paper, approx. 20" x 30".

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Exhibition Celebration, Saturday, November 20, 2021


Header artwork: Dreams of Lisa (detail) by Neil Kendricks

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