The Gala

Oceanside Museum of Art's 25th Anniversary Gala

Saturday, February 26, 5:00–11:00pm

Thank you for coming out to celebrate as a community OMA's 25th Anniversary Gala.

It was a smashing success with you at the center of it all!

It was just over twenty five years ago when what started as the dream of a handful of citizens became the reality of an entire community. OMA hosted its first official exhibition in the historic Irving J. Gill building in 1997. This coming year, 2022, is the 25th anniversary of this momentous occasion.

To acknowledge this historic milestone, OMA friends and supporters will be hosting a 25th Anniversary Gala at The Seabird Resort in Oceanside, California on Saturday, February 26, 2022. The Gala will launch a year of festivities, both small and large, as we bring people together to celebrate the transformative power of art.


Cathy Crowser

Trudi Davidson
Robin Douglas
Helen Frey
Tish Gallagher
Rachel Grossman
Robbie Hass
Dami Rejda
Beverly S. Randolph

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