Oceanside Hotel Partnership FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions 


Are there still opportunities to submit artwork for consideration?

OMA  has put forward a number of calls for submission over the last two years in order to reach as many different target audiences as possible, starting locally with Oceanside and expanding to the wider Southern California region. As of August 2020, curation has been completed for both hotels.


Who curated the artwork?

OMA staff curated a portfolio of artworks in consultation with hotel stakeholders that balanced individual hotel brand(s) with an authentic area vibe. Artworks of all sizes and media were purchased by the Oceanside Beachfront Resort for the 384 guest rooms and multiple indoor/outdoor public spaces.


What types of artwork can guests expect? 

All genres (e.g. figurative, abstract, representational), original two-dimensional or three-dimensional work in all media format, and larger public outdoor and indoor artworks such as large-scale sculpture, installations, murals, etc. The curators selected artworks by artists from diverse backgrounds and were conscious of gender parity.


Were the curated artworks purchased?

Yes. Hotel management purchased each artwork. Artists were not asked to offer their work for free or on loan.


Does OMA get a commission for purchased work? Isn’t it a conflict of interest?

No, OMA does not receive commissions on the sale of art. OMA is paid a flat rate for the administration of the hotels’ arts program. OMA’s role is to curate the artwork and facilitate the licensing and purchasing agreements. This is a contractual partnership where OMA is paid for the work and expertise it provides to the hotels and allows the museum to advocate for the purchase of work by the artists who live and work in the Southern California community rather than exhibiting generic, mass-produced art.  


What are the benefits for artists who have been curated into the hotels?

Each artist had their work either purchased or was commissioned to create exciting new work. Artists will have opportunities to engage guests through arts programming, print sales, and promotion by the hotel.


What are the benefits to the Oceanside community?

Cultural tourism has a net positive effect on the local economy, not to mention the many jobs that will be created. There are many great opportunities for Oceanside to tell its story through the arts and arts programming such as artworks that address environmental issues and concerns. OMA is proud to share that the hotels won unanimous approval from the Oceanside City Council and had very positive support from all Oceanside community and planning groups. It was also approved by The California Coastal Commission after a full environmental impact review. The hotel project also undertook the preservation of the 1887 Graves House (AKA Top Gun house), a threatened historic resource.


Will OMA continue the partnership once the hotels are open?

OMA will also be curating artist programming with potential opportunities for artists to lead workshops, give artist talks, and participate in rotating exhibitions that are open to the public. Additionally, OMA is excited to announce plans to open up a satellite gallery in one of the hotels that will bridge OMA’s exhibitions with the hotels’ rotating exhibitions.


Is there a way to see the selected artworks when the hotels are built if I am not a guest at the hotel?

Art in the public areas such as the main lobby, restaurants, and outdoor spaces will be accessible to the public. As mentioned above, OMA will be curating arts programming for the hotels which may include public events such as openings and workshops.


When will the hotels open and where can I find more information about the hotels? 

Come back to the hotels page in the coming months for exciting announcements!


Members of OMA Artist Alliance are invited to submit to juried exhibitions. Click here to view current and upcoming opportunities.

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