Oceanside Hotel Partnership


The final call for submissions closed on June 3, 2019.

The special projects director will contact artists under consideration between July 1–August 31, 2019. (Please do not contact the museum.)

Frequently Asked Questions

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About The Partnership

Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA) is forging a unique partnership with SD Malkin Properties, Inc. (SDMP), a developer of iconic destinations worldwide that broke ground on two new beachfront resorts on February 6, 2019, five blocks from the museum. SDMP is committed to furthering the museum’s mission of celebrating local and regional talent and has engaged OMA to curate all art for both properties— which include a 161 guest room Joie de Vivre Hotel and a 226-room Destination Resort (two independent brands under the Hyatt umbrella).

This partnership represents a new paradigm, pushing the envelope of the traditional art museum and how it engages and connects the community. “OMA is our cultural partner in making this hotel unique, relevant and distinctly local—differentiation is key in our business and the museum brings in a creative component that will make the hotels even more special for our guests,” says SDMP’s director, Jeremy Cohen. Owners sought out OMA because of the innovative collection that it showcases, including the best, the unexpected, and the yet-to-be-discovered artists of the region.

“This unique and exciting partnership leverages the artistic, cultural, and educational expertise of OMA with the hospitality and tourism leadership of SD Malkin Properties, Inc. By building this long-term relationship with the hotels, OMA will have a lasting positive impact on the local community while more fully becoming a premier hub along the cultural corridor between in Los Angeles to Tijuana,” remarks Maria Mingalone, executive director of OMA.

Once open, there will be ongoing arts and cultural programming to bridge the museum and hotels with special events, travel packages, and tours to help visitors discover the best talent in the region. At this time, local artists have the opportunity to submit work for consideration to OMA to be featured in the new resorts. “SD Malkin is committed to fulfilling their promise to the people of Oceanside to bring them something of quality. Something that relates to the community. Something that will give back to the city of Oceanside over time and do that with integrity,” adds Cohen.


Members of OMA Artist Alliance are invited to submit to juried exhibitions. Click here to view current and upcoming opportunities.