Dean Ramos: Divisions


JULY 17–NOVEMBER 7, 2021

Dean Ramos, Division 1

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2020. Burnt wood, 26" x 22" x 18".

Dean Ramos: Divisions presents the artist's recent work exploring  how figures and abstract forms interact with one another, the spaces they inhabit, and the materials from which they are formed.

Ramos says, “My recent representational works place an emphasis on materials, texture, weight, color, opacity, and the arrangement of parts.

With this body of work, I attempt to portray the body as both a tangible thing and a place of universal experience. Faceless, silent poses represent the body as a physical yet elusive dwelling place. Divisions within and between bodies suggest psychological and emotional states, human relationships, and the connections and disconnections which lie beneath the physical surface.”


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Header artwork: Mass (detail) by Dean Ramos

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