Deena Altman: Female Rising

deena altman: female rising

september 23, 2023–february 4, 2024

There is an understanding in our culture that is subtle and mostly unspoken, that women succumb to a certain second-class life. Even though there is more consciousness now of this issue it still resonates deeply, and we are all marked by it, both women and men. However, it is the females among us that suffer most from the downside of this cultural blindness that binds our growth and development.

This 8-part series depicts the life of women from toddler to elder. Each age focuses on the challenges to women at certain points in their development giving us a sense of what is experienced and how these challenges both impair and energize their paths.


Deena Altman spent many years as the VP of Marketing for her national horticultural company, Altman Plants. She guided the marketing and graphic development of many plant products including a nationwide plant brand for Home Depot. She is now a full-time artist following her passion to paint.

In the 12 years that she has been painting she has achieved signature status at the Watercolor USA Honor Society, the highly regarded San Diego Watercolor Society, and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies.

Her paintings have been juried into numerous museums and international exhibitions including the prestigious American Watercolor Society International Exhibition in New York, the MEAM Museum in Barcelona, The Springfield Art Museum, and the International Signature American Watermedia Exhibition in Fallbrook in which only signature members are invited to submit their work to be juried.



Celebrate with us on November 18, 2023

Artwork pictured at the top of the page: Deena Altman, Challenger (Artist). Opaque watercolor on hot press paper mounted on board, 29" x 22". Photographed by Larry Vogel.

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