Along The Transect Line

Along The Transect Line

MAY 25–AUGUST 18, 2019

Curated By Alexandria Warneke

Cabrillo National Monument’s biologists have laid their transect lines throughout the park’s protected ecosystems for over 30 years to provide a uniform frame in which the thriving biodiversity can be quantified and assessed. Audrey Carver created circular mandalas to represent different scientific inventories, first exhibited at Cabrillo in 2017. The goal of this exhibition is to carry out the mission of preservation and protection by blending art and scientific data in order to connect visitors to what is seen along the transect line.


Along the Transect Line

In collaboration with supporting artist Audrey Carver and our partners at the Climate Science Alliance, we are excited to unveil a new exploration that fuses...


  • Protecting Wildlife Along The Transect Line
    Sunday, June 2
  • Exhibition Reception
    Saturday, July 13

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