Artist Alliance 2019 Biennial Gallery


DECEMBER 21, 2019–MAY 31, 2020

Juried By Bob Pincus and Maria Mingalone

OMA is proud to announce its fourth biennial juried Artist Alliance members’ exhibition. This exhibition will feature a cross-section of the most noteworthy artwork from the museum’s talented Artist Alliance members. An integral part of OMA’s mission is supporting local and regional artists.

This exhibition features work by Dan Adams, Basia Aroyo, Antonios Aspromourgos, Warren Bakley, Suzanne Beckstrom, Neil Brooks, Diana Carey, Sandra Chanis, Emanuel Dale, Sue Dewulf, Ellen Dieter, Juan Flores, Kat Flyn, Martita Foss, Susan French, Will Gibson, John Groff, Becky Guttin, Holli Harmon, James Kendall Higgins, Kate Joiner, Bianca Juarez, Kathleen Kane-Murrell, Susan Kogan, Kurt Lightfoot, John Linthurst, Cathy Locke, Susan Lyon, Michael Maas, Dan Mcstocker, Mercedes, Andrew Meyers, Donald Mohr, Michelle Moore, Allan Morrow, Annalise Neil, Annie Omens, Kelsey Overstreet, George Papciak, Brigid Parsons, Alison Haley Paul, Carol Perry, Ilona Peteris, Ana Phelps, Ernie Pick, Karrie Ross, Catherine Ruane, Doriana Sinnett, Michael Sitaras, Cheryl Sorg, Daniel Streck, Patricia Prescott Sueme, Jane Szabo, Tokeli, Michael Ward, Brady Willmott, and Danielle Zhang.

See a preview of this exhibition here.


  • Exhibition Reception
    Saturday, February 15, 2020


OMA hosts a number of exhibitions that are exclusive to Artist Alliance members, such as the Artist Alliance Biennial 2019. Click here to learn more and join now in order to qualify for consideration in the upcoming Biennial exhibition at OMA.

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