Artist Alliance 2021 Biennial


DECEMBER 18, 2021–MAY 1, 2022

Juried By Alessandra Moctezuma


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OMA is proud to announce its fourth biennial juried Artist Alliance members’ exhibition. This exhibition features a cross-section of the most noteworthy artwork from the museum’s talented Artist Alliance members. An integral part of OMA’s mission is supporting local and regional artists.

Southern California’s cultural landscape is diverse and growing, which is reflected in the burgeoning talent in this exhibition of OMA’s Artist Alliance members. 

Jurying can be a joy. It is hard work too, because it requires looking at a large number of artwork submitted by a broad spectrum of artists and giving each entry the amount of attention it deserves. It is a marvelous and thought-provoking process as well. It exercises eye, mind, and heart in the selection of work that you believe will make for an engaging exhibition.

In this effort, the exercise has been collaborative. We agreed so often on the selections that it did seem as if we were kindred spirits regarding the art we considered and chose. No particular style, approach, or aesthetic dominates the works chosen. We looked for art that by its force of vision, its fresh slant on the world, and its vigorous use of medium seemed as if it should be among the works ultimately included.

Artist Alliance 2019 Biennial is OMA’s promise to celebrate the living artists of the region, and we hope visitors will enjoy viewing the work as much as we enjoyed the jurying process.

–Jurors Maria Mingalone and Robert L. Pincus


Exhibition Celebration Saturday, February 12, 2022


OMA hosts a number of exhibitions that are exclusive to Artist Alliance members, such as the 2022 Artist Alliance Biennial. Click here to learn more and join now.

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