Trinh Mai: Lifeline


December 17, 2016–March 5, 2017

“The relationship that we have with one moment to the next…the force that tethers our soles to the earth below and binds our souls to the world above…the connections we have to our environment and all that dwell therein. These ties are essential to our existence, and Life has a way of dovetailing the details that bring meaning to this time that we’ve been granted.”  Trinh Mai is an interdisciplinary artist based in Orange County with strong ties to San Diego whose work is driven by innovative narratives of storytelling. Her work—charcoal, gouache, mixed media, and stitching—re-imagines personal memories, family roots, and spiritual connections, altering conceptions of our identities and shared histories. These works are intimate, emotional, uplifting, and hopeful. For Mai, the interlacing moments of our lives create a cord, a meandering thread that strings together the details that provide the experience needed for us to survive and thrive.


january, 2017

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february, 2017

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