Deanne Sabeck: Luminous


January 16–May 1, 2016

This intimate exhibition of glass and light is a visual feast of color, form, and altering perceptions. Reality transforms into illusion with the changing definitions of surfaces and reflections, defined and created through the play between light and shadow. Each viewer is encouraged to interact with and experience the exhibition from the context of his or her own point of view—both physically and intellectually.

Forming the structures for many of the pieces represented in this exhibition are articulated panes of glass typically found in Jalousie or louver windows. This type of window came about in the early 1900’s offering privacy for the occupants of a building while they had the freedom peak out. The name is French for “jealousy,” as these windows are designed to allow the person behind the glass to jealously guard the privacy of their internal activities. In this exhibition, these mechanical devices become interactive sculptural canvases, allowing the viewer to manipulate the glass panes of the louvers so that light is reflected and re-directed, creating a unique experience of the artwork with every interaction.

As an example of the way louvers can be utilized to alter not only the visual aspects but the conceptual interpretation of art pieces, the life-sized human form represented in Passage Jalousie on the articulated panes of glass is a silhouette—empty within the outline of the form but buzzing with fractured colors and shifting light on the surrounding surfaces. Exploring concepts of positive and negative space, the viewer considers the meaning of internal essence versus external expression, and shielded privacy versus public examination.


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may, 2024

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