Space, Structure, Light: The Art Of Russell Forester


August 20, 2016–February 5, 2017

Curated by Peter Frank

Russell Forester was one of southern California’s most innovative postwar modernist artists. As an architect, he was an artist; as a painter and a sculptor, his architectural background permeates his work. At the height of a successful career, Forester made the decision to close his architectural practice to dedicate his time exclusively to painting and sculp­ture. Trained at the Institute of Design, Chicago, he was greatly influenced by the multi-disciplinary edict of the Bauhaus. 

This retrospective’s title springs from the repetitive elements used in Forester’s wide body of artwork. Drawn, illuminated, or stitched with thread, innumerable and deliberate dots appear throughout every facet of his pieces, defining the space in every medium and on every surface. Similarly, pen strokes and rows of lights form lines and repeating structures. Light is used both figuratively and literally in rhythmic patterns over the surfaces of both sculptures and drawings.

Photography for the catalog associated with this exhibition generously sponsored by Sandra Chanis. Please visit the Museum Store to view or purchase a catalog, available August 20, 2016.

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