Contemporary Art Wins a Beachhead: The La Jolla School of Arts, 1960-1964


February 26–July 8, 2012

Curated by Dave Hampton
In Gleason Gallery

The La Jolla School of Arts, as part of the Art Center in La Jolla, now known as the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, played a significant role in the acceptance of new modes of painting and sculpture in Southern California, winning a beachhead for contemporary art in the 1960s amongst a largely conservative community.

This exhibition focuses on the work of six respected artists who were all members of the School’s faculty, and features the paintings of Don Dudley, Fred Holle, Sheldon Kirby and Guy Williams, along with the ceramics of Rhoda Lopez and the ceramics and paintings of Malcolm McClain. These artists represent the core of the School’s dynamic faculty, brought together by the Art Center during a pivotal time in its development as an institution devoted to contemporary art. This exhibition is guest curated by Dave Hampton and celebrates the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time initiative to resurrect and document the history of art in Southern California from 1945-1980.

Brochure: Contemporary Art Wins a Beachhead: The La Jolla School of Arts 1960-1964

Fred Holle, Babylon, 1959, oil on canvas
Sheldon Kirby, Untitled, 1964, bronze and resin
Don Dudley, Chalice of Malice, 1959, oil on canvas
Malcolm McClain, Vessels, c. 1959, stoneware

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