Steampunk: Vintage Futurism


November 5–November 9, 2010

In Groves Gallery

A carnival of wonders awaits you at the next Art After Dark where industrial meets Victorian in a circus of oddities and artistic inventions. Oceanside Museum of Art will create an alternative world at Dr. Steampunk’s Art Extravaganza. Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction where steam power and Victorian era Britain collide in fantastical inventions, ironic sculpture, and technological developments. Enigma Fashions will present a Steampunk Fashion Show, Kim Moody and Lisa Hutton will display site specific Steampunk inspired videos, artist David Joseph Gough will be painting live and Greg Brotherton will exhibit a ten foot tall stainless steel outdoor sculpture. San Diego’s hot local band, Fearless in Fairweather, will amaze you will their unique new-wave rock sound. Get creative in the activity room where you can design your own Steampunk sculpture or participate in the collaborative mural project.

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