With Your Help, We Raised Over $100,000

Thank you for your help to stabilize OMA’s bottom line and refill vital resources!

When OMA was forced to temporarily close the museum doors in March due to COVID-19, we had no idea the impact it would have on all of us would be so profound. In an unprecedented and unsettling time, so many of you rallied to support our mission. This incredible generosity is what keeps fostering new ideas and supporting the connections that make OMA such a vital hub for creativity in the region—including #VirtualOMA so that everyone could #MuseumFromHome until it’s safe to be together again at OMA.

Contributions to OMA’s Refill campaign received as of August 16, 2020 are listed below. Please note, if your gift came in later, we thank you too! If you’d still like to contribute, click here to donate online or call (760) 435-3726.

Adrianne Hakes
Alexia and Ray Markarian
Amy Ginnow
Ann Hickey
Ann Mortland
Anna Kelso
Annie Omens
Barbara Berlack
Barbara Scanlon
Beth Smith
Beverly Stuber
Billie Nunan
Bobbie Henry
Bonnie Bradford
Bonnie Hanlon
Bonnie McKean
Carol Churchill
Carolyn Lyndes
Charles Bird
Charles Cochrane
Cheryl Weiner
Claudia Nedrow
Colleen Barrett
Colleen O'Harra
Dagny Barnum
Deena Altman
Diane K. Adams
Dolores Hofmann
Donald Mohr
Donna Mallen
Edith Richman
Elizabeth Aguiar
Elizabeth Sanderson
Ellen Dieter
Erik Douglas
Erika Williams
Frances & Larry Cochran
Gigi Woodward
Gisela Hill
Gloria Hall
Grace E. Larsen
Gregory Brown
H. Clay Alexander
Haley Wonsley
Hilda Alsabrook
Howard Charitable Foundation
Ilona Peteris
Jack Breyer
Jack Morgan
Jaime Dreyfus
James Schroder
Jan Strack
Janell Cannon

Janice Westman
Janine Free
Jeanne Dunn
Jeri and Tommy Gustafsson
Jerry Harder
Jim Beyster
Jim Douglas
Joan Suffredini
Joani Nelson
Juan Flores
Judith Grace
Judith Quinn Garnett
Judy La Bounty
Judy Sonnet
Judy Updegraff
Karen Bennick
Kathie Chan
Kathleen Lees
Kathleen Lindemann
Kathleen McCord
Kathryn Peterson
Katie Nunan
Kaye Thompson
Kazmier Maslanka
Ken Kebow
Kurt Lightfoot
Lani Curtis
Larry Oviatt
Linda Banks
Linda Banks
Linda Phillips
Lisa Smith
Liz Sharp
Lola Sherman
Lyn Corder
Lynn Jepsen
Lynne Hodgman
Marc Ordman
Margene Weber
Marianne Pekala
Marie Wilson
Marilyn Agredano
Marilyn Micheau
Marion Reid
Mary Held-Manley
Mary Jamison
Mary Jo Young
Mary Poniatowski
Mary Rombotis
Mary S. Cappadonna
Matt Waters
Maureen Vastardis
Michele Michaels

Michelle D'Elia
Michelle Skaggs Lawrence
Michelle Stone Leslie
Nancy Hacker
Nancy McMonigal
Nancy Spieczny
Patricia McArdle
Patricia Robertson
Patricia Titus
Patty Jenkins
Paula Doss
Paula Mendell
Peter Weiss
Randy Harwood
Ray Miller
Regina Wilson
Renee Maricque
Richard Mayer
Richard Newell
Rita Miglioli
Roberta Meyer Cohen
Robin Lipman
Sally Pearce
Sandy Guendert
Sarah Culver
Sarah Slocum
Scott Purdy
Sharon Ford
Shirley Pentoney
Skip Coomber
Sue Ladouceur
Sue Z. Gold
Sueanne Rorick
Susan Ashley
Susan Attard
Susan Hart
Susan Posner
Suzanne Demong
Suzanne Knauf
Suzanne Reed
Tanya Chahal
Tara Ritacco
Terri Zimdars
Valentina May
Van Ray Botts
Vicki Krivoski
Vickie Prosser
Victoria Strand
Vita Sorrentino
Wes French
Yvonne Muzzy

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