Mark Bryce

Mark Bryce: Love & War

May 22–September 19, 2021

Comprising approximately 35 paintings by Bryce, this exhibition explores the artist’s deepening interest in universal topics such as love, violence, human frailty, and loneliness.

OMA expands on the exhibition originally organized by the Centro Cultural Tijuana and situates the San Diego-based artist’s work within the social and political contexts that are essential to his practice. New paintings are anchored by a selection of earlier pieces that illustrate the breadth of his work and the vast possibilities of painting itself.

Bryce pursues an open exploration of painting and uses the fundamental elements—of paint and wood panel—to skillfully investigate contemporary ideas and ideologies.  Deeply aware of the historical precedents of realist painting, he sometimes evokes images and memories, while at other times uses the elements of painting to its own end. Inherent throughout his work are issues of perception and understanding.  With technical virtuosity, Bryce develops his narratives with cleverness and wit that engage the viewer in his distinctive artistic language.  Fundamental to this exhibition is the commanding use of Bryce's exquisite pictorial technique, capable of portraying an object, as well as a classic work of art, in the most faithful way. 

Mark Bryce: Love & War originated at the Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT) in 2017, Tijuana, Mexico where it was curated by Manolo Escutia and Sinuhé Guevara. Maria Mingalone, executive director, organized OMA’s presentation.  

Header artwork: Heartthrob by Mark Bryce

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