Art Speaks: NOW

art speaks: now

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Each of the Twenty Women Artists are exploring themes in their own unique voice and style. Their work also taps into much larger conversations taking place within our communities that speak directly to where we stand in this moment as a people and a nation.

Immerse yourself in the dialogues that emerge between artists about their artwork, demonstrating how thoughtful discussions can be had around impactful topics using art as the connecting point.


Thematic Pathways


With artists Diane Hall and Alison Haley Paul


Climate Change

With artists Diana Carey, Julia C R Gray, and Kathleen Kane-Murrell



With artists Rin Colabucci and Lori Mitchell



With artists Bronle Crosby, Ellen Dieter, and Christine Schwimmer


Iconic Women

With artists Kathy McChesney, Julia San Román, and Brenda York


Social Justice

With artists Manuelita Brown, Gillian Moss, and Gail Titus



With artists Maite Agahnia, Susan Darnall, Theresa Vandenberg Donche, and Kaori Fukuyama 


About The Exhibition


Twenty Women Artists: NOW is a collective reflection on the challenging conditions women face today. When this project started in late 2019, no one could have imagined that 2020 would become one of the most turbulent and tragic years in recent history, or that women would be on the front lines of many struggles.

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Featured Artists


Maite Benito Agahnia
Manuelita Brown
Diana Carey
Rin Colabucci
Bronle Crosby
Susan Darnall
Ellen Dieter
Theresa Vandenberg Donche
Kaori Fukuyama
Julia C R Gray
Diane Hall
Kathleen Kane-Murrell
Kathy McChesney
Lori Mitchell
Gillian Moss
Alison Haley Paul
Julia San Román-Naughton
Christine Schwimmer
Gail Titus
Brenda York

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