Flavia Gilmore: Paper, Wood, Metal


December 8, 2012–April 28, 2013

In Parker Gallery

In her playful assemblages, Flavia Gilmore creates surprising juxtapositions of utilitarian objects that evoke a poignant look at consumer culture. Primarily working with found material and domestic debris, the work in this exhibition will examine Gilmore’s long and distinguished career in San Diego over the last 20 years. Drawn to objects that carry vestiges of memory evoked by their previous life, from scrap metal and wood, machine parts, tools and toys to paper from food products, Gilmore has an uncanny ability, parallel to that of an alchemist, to transform the most unlikely discarded materials into a work of art.

This exhibition will feature intuitive formal arrangements of objects that have been both painted, establishing a unified decontextualization echoing the work of Louise Nevelson, and left in their natural state. Her sculptures reflect a deep interest in the natural beauty of decay that conjures up an interesting dialogue with consumerism and the lifespan of objects in our current plastic society. Born in Italy in 1931, and raised in Massachusetts, Gilmore began studying painting and drawing during the 1960s and has consistently practiced assemblage since 1974. Gilmore was featured in OMA’s Regional 3 exhibition in 2003.

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