Enviroscapes: Jen Trute Retrospective


December 8, 2012–April 28, 2013

In Groves Gallery

Driven by her insatiable fascination with environmental degradation, Jen Trute’s surreal paintings poignantly evoke awareness of the human impact on nature and the fragility of our global ecosystem. Approaching her subject matter with scientific detail, Trute’s dystopian narratives reference a myriad of interests ranging from natural sciences, climate change, endangered animals and art history to sociopolitical concerns.

This exhibition features Trute’s work from approximately 1974- 2011 including paintings, preparatory drawings and early portraits that show her focused evolution into environmentally conscious art. Enviroscapes is the first museum retrospective since the artist’s passing in 2011. Trute exhibited her work in numerous museums throughout Southern California, including the San Diego Natural History Museum and the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. In addition, her work was featured in two OMA exhibitions, OMA Regional 3 (2003) and Lowbrow Art: Nine San Diego Pop Surrealists (2009).

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