Stathis Orphanos: Honor: Marine Portraits


March 27–May 2, 2010

In Groves Auditorium

Glimpse inside the private lives of young Marines in the exhibition Honor: Marine Portraits. Stathis Orphanos has photographed many of today's top entertainment, cultural and literary figures. For this exhibition, Orphanos was granted access to photograph Camp Pendleton Marines during combat training as well as portraits of Marines standing at attention in the pose of Greek kousoi (statues of standing male youths). Orphanos takes a close look at the strength, individuality and innocence of the young Marines in San Diego. With great respect Orphanos captures the rituals of Marine life and honors these young men in the prime of their life.

Born in 1940 to parents of Greek heritage, Orphanos has worked primarily in Southern California. His photographs have been widely exhibited, and many are now housed at UCLA's Stathis Orphanos Photographic Archive.

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