Street Level


Street Level Volume 2 takes inspiration from our current exhibitions to transform OMA into a stage for the discovery of performers, DJs, and artists from down the street to all over Southern California. Bring your family, meet new friends, or roll in with your crew.

Don't miss the reoccurring 'block party' of the Cultural District.

Street Level Vol. 2.2

It’s time for PRIDE in Oceanside! Inspired by our current exhibition UNDOCUMENTED TIMES: QUEER YEARNINGS we are proud to invite San Diego singer/emcee Natal1e, Oceanside local singer/songwriter The Holy Rainbow Club and DJ Jocelin to OMA to share their music and dynamic influences with us.

Come early to check out the exhibit and hear more about the artists. Stay tuned for announcements on who will be serving up food to keep you dancing all night!

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Street Level Vol. 2.3

Inspired by our current exhibition ALLIED CRAFTSMEN: HANDS ON DESIGN we’re spending this evening focused on craft in art making and instrumentation to look at how traditional practices can inform contemporary innovation.

Be inspired by new interpretations of traditional sounds and hear from some of the artists in the exhibit to learn more about what craft means to them.

Stay tuned for performance announcements, our food vendor and artist talks.

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General Tickets $15

Reserve a Table for Four $100 

Street Level Vol. 2.4

Inspired by our current exhibition MORE DISRUPTION: REPRESENTATIONAL ART IN FLUX we’ve invited musicians who thrive in the improvisational and experimental space, much like our artists in the exhibition. These artists and performers find new ways to interpret and re-discover traditional ways of art making.

Stay tuned for performance announcements, our food vendor and artist talks.

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Street Level Vol. 2.5

Inspired by our current exhibition TRANSFORMATIVE CURRENTS

we turn our focus to our muse, the Pacific Ocean with two Oceanside born and raised acts to close out the season. Singer-songwriter Lea Love’s  multi-layered artistry draws from her rich Hawaiian, Japanese, and Samoan heritage. We the Comma’s brings their unique experience and perspective as “beach boy surfers” with a  personal mission to break down racial and social constructs.

Stay tuned for additional performance announcements, our food vendor and artist talks.

Members: free with a personalized member code.

General Tickets $15

Reserve a Table for Four $100 


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Saxophonist Shawn De Lacy

Mariela Contreras

Tonga Ross Ma'u

Celeste Barbier

Cadence Dance Project

Ballet Folklorico Tapatio Oceanside


DJ Kid Riz

Wild 7 Street Dance Krew

Jason Jenkins




Street Level Vol. 1.1 City Music

City Music has always connected its inhabitants—helping diverse groups combine their cultures, peacefully.  We celebrate the Music of The City with its beats, blends, references, and textures. We grew up listening to congas in the park and grooving to what was being played on the decks—afro-beat, hip-hop, house music, jazz, soul, samba, salsa, and the list goes on. Join us to celebrate our cultural community through the joy of music and "the dance."  Vol. 1: City Music will be emceed by DJ Kid Riz featuring Wild 7s Street Dance Krew with guest host, Derin Young and appearances by Cadence Dance Project, Saxophonist Shawn De Lacy, and YOU! Grab a drink at the bar or a bite to eat from Mak Mak Organic's Asian street food menu. See you there!

DJ Kid Riz  (Rizaldy Cruz), a local Oceanside DJ, gained experience in art and culture as a "B-Boy" or break dancer. Kid Riz is the owner of Skoolyard Records (vinyl) in Oceanside, CA, and the founder of the Skoolyard Movement – an underground community supporting hip-hop artists and street culture. 


Cadence Dance Project is an environment where dance and community are "harmoniously blended together" in a dance studio that services children 18 months-18 years of age. CADENCE offers a variety of dance styles that include: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, and more--a genuine gem in the heart of Oceanside.

@cadencedanceproject    |

Shawn De Lacy has been making music since childhood from musical influences within contemporary and smooth jazz.   As a wind instrumentalist, Shawn primarily plays saxophone, but also has a rare talent with the Irish whistle and incorporates the use of electronic and digital instrumentation into his performances which creates a unique experience for audiences.

The Wild7s is a Dance Krew created by the street dance community of Oceanside CA, highlighting an overall lifestyle expressed through movement and art.Wild7s Freestyle Krew specializes in street dance styles such as Popping, Locking, House dance, Whacking, Hip-hop, Krump, and Breaking.


Street Level Vol. 1.2 Melodía Bohemia

Rhythm, syncopation, the colors of universal tribal dance, and the call and response of percussion and voice. These are the elements of Latin jazz expressing ancient and organic music fused with cultures from the Americas that speak of unifying histories. Learn and share with our featured performers and find the beat of your drum. Join us to celebrate the cultural community through the joy of music and dance.

Mariela Contreras, a bi-lingual vocalist, has opened up for acts such as Ely Guerra, Edith Marquez, Rosana, Romeo Santos, Mana, and Selena Gomez. In 2019, Mariela worked alongside producer Jesse Audelo to release an EP that demonstrates her vocal range and eclectic influences from the Latin Soul & R&B communities.

@musicmariela    |

Jason Jenkins, an acclaimed guitarist, is a uniquely talented musician whose passionate sounds and dazzling technique have been astounding audiences across the nation for more than ten years. His fiery solo style combines flamenco with rock, classical, jazz, and Latin with stunning technical command.

Ballet Folklorico Tapatio Oceanside Grupo Folklorico Tapatio’s Director, Luis Oceguera, describes Ballet Folklorico as a popular form of cultural expression representing both sides of the Mexican and United States border. Teachers utilize Ballet Folklorico and traditional dance to exemplify the folk dances of Mexico.

Alexandro Muñoz (DJ DA EMEM) is a DJ / Producer whose style is characterized as house and techno music – featuring energetic build-ups as well as incorporating disco and hip hop influences.  Alex's DJ sets are known to be eclectic and versatile as he experiments with grooves and rhythms to create a vibe. 

Street Level Vol. 1.3 Nuevo Pacifico

The crowds were struck with awe by the majesty of the ocean and the people of the islands in Street Level Vol. 1.3 Nuevo Pacifico. Featuring O’side’s DJ Kid Riz, talented Samoan band trio, FAIVA, accompanied by amazing dancers, and headlined by the incredible versatile musician, Tonga Ross Ma’u. A taste of the islands were enjoyed through delicious Hawaiian Cuisine from food vendor Da Kine's

DJ Kid Riz    |     @the_sckoolyard   

Oceanside's DJ Kid Riz (Rizaldy Cruz) began as a break dancer, later transforming into a hip-hop DJ. Influenced by DJ Charlie Rock and street dancers like Crazy Legs, he owns Skoolyard Records and founded the Skoolyard Movement supporting hip-hop artists and street culture since 1999. Hear him on the turntables at Street Level.

FAIVA    |    @faivamusic  |    |    Watch FAIVA on YouTube

FAIVA is a talented trio uniting a crooning balladeer, falsetto RnB vocalist, and soulful guitarist. Their music embodies their Samoan heritage, infused with rich cultural traditions, and seeks to inspire unity among listeners on the terrace stage.

Tonga Ross Ma'u    |    @mynameistonga    |    |    Watch Tonga on YouTube     |    Listen to Tonga on Spotify

Tonga Ross-Ma’u, a versatile musician from San Diego, is a music producer with a unique blend of soul, jazz, and electronic music in his releases. He's also an educator, teaching students privately, creating online tutorials, and collaborating with music non-profit programs.

Street Level Vol. 1.4 Surfsiders

We said goodbye to the sun-soaked days in true SoCal style—with the beachy sounds of surf music. Street Level Vol. 1.4: Surfsiders featured sensational surf band, The Tourmaliners, and talented vocalist Celeste Barbier. Revel in the essence of our beachside lifestyle, the music, the drinks, and the camaraderie that make our gatherings original.

The Tourmaliners    |    @thetourmaliners    |    |   Watch Tourmaliners on Youtube    |    Listen to Tourmaliners on Spotify

A Surf Guitar Band from San Diego, CA

Celeste Barbier    |    @celestebarbierevents    |    |    Watch Celeste on Youtube    |    Listen to Celeste on Spotify

Solo Vocalist from Oceanside, CA

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