Adam John Manley: Mapping the Pools of Del Cerro


May 24–July 31, 2011

In Lobby

This work is a scale model of the Western-most section of the Del Cerro neighborhood, which runs along a high canyon rim, as seen and interpreted from satellite images. Del Cerro is located off the I-8 freeway near San Diego State University. Each swimming pool represents an actual pool location, moved to the center of the street, becoming the focal point of this three-dimensional map. Mapping the Pools of Del Cerro explores how we utilize, occupy and interact with the landscape, and the ways in which we choose to represent that occupation through mapping.

Adam John Manley recently completed his MFA at San Diego State University in the Furniture and Woodworking program. Primarily sculptural and large scale, his work focuses on interpreting and interacting with our surrounding landscapes. His objects exist as points of contact, as well as points of reflection upon their surroundings. Through familiar reference and unusual juxtaposition, he attempts to create works that invite the viewer to re-imagine their own place and environs as well as their own relationships with them. It is Manley’s hope that his works can inspire both humor and serious contemplation over how it is that we engage with and occupy the environment surrounding us, and the importance of relationship to place.

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