Looking Back / Moving Forward: Contemporary Mexican-American Art


July 31–October 31, 2010

In Groves Gallery

In honor of the Mexican Bicentennial, Oceanside Museum of Art is pleased to present Looking Back / Moving Forward: Contemporary Mexican-American Art, an exhibition that celebrates Mexican culture by examining the recent work of Einar and Jamex de la Torre and Raul Guerrero.

These three artists address important cultural and historical concepts through personal perspectives and varying media. Inspired by Spanish Mexican colonial art, folk art and the Baroque aesthetic, the de la Torre brothers create Pop Assemblage art primarily of glass and found objects. Layers of symbolic and cultural meaning fused with whimsical and humorous imagery tell stories reflecting their wide range of social and political interests. Raul Guerrero employs a representational style of painting to comment on themes of history, cultural and social stereotypes and place. The paintings on view from his Bars, Women and Fast Food series, represent a variety of images related to California’s history.

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