Through a Lens Sharply: Photo Imaginings


April 9–May 28, 2006

Curated by Catherine Gleason

Oceanside Museum of Art presents Through a Lens Sharply: Photo Imaginings which features three women artists who address issues relating to social identity using photographs and photographic techniques.

Amy Jorgensen's "Body Archive Series" documents, without bias and without point of view, evidence of occurrence using her own body as an archive, her skin being the "surface through which I experience the world," says Jorgensen. Her photographic abstractions created with photo emulsion, "focus on individual rather than universal experience," states OMA exhibitions director, Catherine Gleason.

Barbara Sexton combines photography with graphite and photo pencil on fiber paper in considering the prevailing social patterns that define collective relationships. Sexton states, "The critical differences between gender, age and ethnicity seem to impose a constraint to communication and a barrier to our common understanding while similar views result in general accord."

Marcela Villasenor's work uses digital and traditional photographic and print media to focus on ancient Mexican culture and its intersection with the identities of modern-day Mexicans in both Mexico and the United States. "These ideas inspire me to create projects that symbolize our own passages as humans from different stages in our lives," states ViIlasenor.

Marcela Villasenor, Untitled
Barbara Sexton, Right Leak & Left Leak
Amy Jorgensen, Residual Evidence

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