Out of Oceanside


July 10–September 19, 2004

Curated by Beth Smith

Oceanside Museum of Art presents some of the most exciting artwork to come Out of Oceanside in an exhibit that features three established artists with national reputations who live or work in Oceanside. Artists James Aitchison, Michael C. Gross, and Burton Tysinger will be the focus of this exhibition that is bold, bright and full of visual drama.

Chouinard Art Institute alumnus James Aitchison is a figurative painter who has exhibited throughout the world. His lyrical paintings are imbued with symbolism from mythology, literature and his extensive travels. Aitchison says that making paintings is an intensely interesting way of finding out what the imagination might look like.

Michael C. Gross is best known as an art director and producer of films like Ghostbusters and Twins, but he is also a celebrated pastel painter with themes that reflect his Hollywood experiences and also his life in Africa, a body of work that he likes to describe as "spiritual polar opposites."

Designer Burton Tysinger uses painted wooden line segments to create sculptures that become a labyrinth of color and form. His work can be intimate and personal in scale or monumental and expansive. Tysinger says it is the "gesture" of things, thoughts and events that serve as a departure point of a piece.

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