Chouinard: A Living Legacy


July 7–August 26, 2001

Curated by Skip Pahl, Peggy Jacobs

It would be difficult to find a more powerful influence on the development of Southern California's reputation as a center of 20th Century American art than Mrs. Nelbert Chouinard, founder and guiding light of Chouinard Art Institute from 1921-1972. This exhibition is an assembly of the work of Chouinard artists, the first visual celebration encompassing three generations of them, the first pow-wow since the Grand View school's lobby shows of student and faculty work, often sequential roles at Chouinard. The "madame's" experiment became a model for art education elsewhere. and for years the Chouinard Art Institute was listed in the top five art schools in the country. Her ideas and ideals persist, having affected other arts institutions, inculcated by enthusiastic graduates high on professionalism. The Chouinard Foundation, organizers of this exhibition, are dedicated to forging a lasting legacy for a great woman. Her oar was a strong one in the waters of West Coast art.

Catalog: Chouinard: A Living Legacy

Ejnar Hansen, Self Portrait, c. 1930s. o/c
Ynez Johnston, Horse's Castle, 1996. Mixed media.
Raul Guerrero, The Secret of Tomb Number 7, 1993. Casein, pastel / arches.

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