Something Different from OMA’s Permanent Collection

Something Different from OMA's Permanent Collection

May 3–September 17, 2023

Featuring 12 works by nine Southern California artists, this exhibition highlights unique and whimsical creations from OMA’s permanent collection that incorporate unconventional materials. Artists featured include Sara Botts, Fred Holle, Yui Inoue, Lisa Jannone, Craig Kauffman, Bob Matheny, Carlos Mollura, Richard Allen Morris, and Rima Schulkind.

With the collecting goal to preserve high-quality works of art that are created in, influenced by, and celebratory of the greater San Diego region, OMA has accepted donations from local artists and collectors since 2011. OMA's early collecting efforts were robust; the community responded generously, and since 2018, storage capacity for safely housing further donations has been limited. As we look to the future and consider changes to our building and facilities, we hope to expand our storage capacity and collecting goals.

Offering a peek into some of the less-frequently exhibited treasures we’ve received over the years, these singular works incorporating materials from aluminum dust to acrylic press-on fashion nails, are sure to spark your curiosity.


Celebrate with us on June 24, 2023


If you would like to learn more about the artwork please email

Artwork pictured at the top of the page: Creative Nail Design (CND), Tiny Canvases, 2019. Acrylic stick-on fashion nails and hot glue.

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