Brian Kesinger: Dream It Yourself

Brian Kesinger: Dream It Yourself

July 13–November 24, 2019

Curated By Bob Self

Q: Where might your imagination take you?

A: Anywhere.

Creativity is the rocket fuel that propels us toward new horizons, and accessible technology allows us to share our unique stories with each other like never before. Brian Kesinger is an artist, author, and filmmaker whose journey of self-discovery led him from working with some of the world’s most famous movie, television, and theme park personas (at Walt Disney Animation Studios, Marvel, and Lucasfilm) to creating popular characters all his own (including Otto and Victoria, Penned Dragons, and Jasper J. Pumpkinhead). His family-friendly, world-premiere OMA exhibition (presented in association with Baby Tattoo Carnival of Astounding Art) invites visitors to engage, interact, and create work that will become part of the show alongside the illustrations, sculptures, and animations on display. Kesinger’s story is a universal call to action for dreamers and visionaries everywhere.


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