Dan McCleary: Etchings and Studies: Taller De Grabado, Oaxaca 2000-2016


December 17, 2016–April 30, 2017

Since 2000, Dan McCleary usually returns once, often twice a year, to the Taller de Grabado in Oaxaca, Mexico, to work with master printer Fernando Sandoval. There, McCleary and Sandoval work together to produce elegant and extraordinarily crafted etchings—more than 30 editions in the past 16 years—with imagery that includes sugar skulls, portraits of men and women, and flowers. This exhibition—which includes more than 25 of these collaborative prints made by pure line etching, aquatint, burnishing, and spit bite—will appeal to those who love the art of printmaking. However, the exhibition will also include hand-colored trial proofs, preliminary drawings, and many drawings and paintings that McCleary first made back in his Los Angeles studio (images that became the basis for the Oaxaca prints). When gathered all together, the exhibition is not just about the act of printmaking, but about the act of artmaking as well.

Programming related to this exhibition:

• Reception: January 14

• Lecture: March 8

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