Stephen Curry: Scape / Escape


November 9, 2013–March 30, 2014

In Parker Gallery

Through the disassembling and reassembling of visual iconography taken from nature, San Diego-based artist Stephen P. Curry presents a unique and contemporary perspective of landscape. Fragmenting trees and other natural elements, Curry’s installation blends the representational qualities of nature with contemporary abstraction. Scape / Escape will feature a collection of multiple panel paintings that function together evoking consideration of our surrounding landscape.

Curry cites artists such as Caravaggio and Zurburan as important influences on his work for their use of strong contrasts of light and dark to create illusion and drama. He also finds inspiration in the still lifes of Wayne Thiebaud and feels his work, like Thiebaud’s, presents compelling compositions that successfully blend realism with abstraction. Stephen Curry grew up in San Diego and moved to Northern California to study at the San Francisco Art Institute from 1987-1990. He currently lives and works in San Diego.

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