Facing West/Looking East


August 11, 2012–January 13, 2013

Curated by Richard Turner
In Gleason Gallery

Acknowledging the location of OMA on the literal edge of the Pacific Rim, Facing West / Looking East presents artists who reach across the Pacific to East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia for their content and commentary. The 20 featured artists in this exhibition share a common interest in borrowing, recycling and sampling from the cultural cornucopia of today’s flat world where geographical divisions are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

The work on view will include painting, sculpture, photography and mixed media that meditates on aspects of California’s spiritual practices, cuisine, architecture, landscaping, literature, film and music that have been enriched by Asian culture. Roots of the artists in the exhibition stretch from the American Midwest to South India and Cambodia and include Kara Tanaka, Elizabeth Bryant, Aragna Ker, Brian Doan, Jacci Den Hartog, Kim MacConnel, Bari Kumar, and Lizabeth Rosoff, among others.

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