Lee Peterson: Focus on Oceanside


September 25, 2010–January 5, 2011

In Groves Auditorium

Award-winning San Diego photographer Lee Peterson presents a new series of photographs in his exhibition Focus on Oceanside. Through his unique lens of vision, Peterson documented Oceanside in both a natural and provocative way revealing his constant observing mind. Images of the Oceanside Pier and the Harbor to the San Luis Mission Rey highlight the icons, local history and the intrinsic beauty of Oceanside. In his photographs Peterson marvels over the simple things in everyday life that go unnoticed enabling visitors to reflect on their surroundings. As Lee says, “The things that go unnoticed are often the things we need the most - reflections and emotions”. He sees the world in visual metaphors and moods and through the use of photography records the happiness, sadness, abstraction and concreteness of the world we live.

Lee Peterson has dedicated his life to photography. He has mastered the technical skill of the camera and the ability to visualize the intangible and construct powerful images that speak of imagination and spirituality. Focus on Oceanside not only highlights places of legend, but the unnoticed buckets of daily catch on the pier, the murals around town and other everyday scenes that endear Oceanside to its community. Photographs in the series range from abstract to representational and surreal. In his globe series Peterson is able to manipulate the picture plane to create a spherical image where one end of the photo morphs into the other establishing a distorted image in the shape of the earth.

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