Generation to Generation, Contemporary Assemblage


January–March 21, 2004

Curated by Debby Kline, Larry Kline

Generation to Generation: Contemporary Assemblage features found objects that have a specific history. Guest curators Debby and Larry Kline describe these recycled objects as being co-mingled with new or personal materials that yield a second generation of combined ideas and insights.

The term "assemblage" was coined in 1953 by artist jean Dubuffet to describe any three-dimensional collage composed of found objects. Debby and Larry Kline use the term in a contemporary context, one that extends the format to include room-sized installations which viewers may enter. The exhibition features the work of artists James Watts, Irma Sophia Poeter and Poupee Boccaccio. Each artist creates art imbued with strongly personal histories by combining personal and found objects into artist-made objects. These disparate elements are assembled to offer fresh meanings for viewers.

Poupee Boccaccio
Irma Sophia Poeter
James Watts

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